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NEXT is an initiative that was built to support the entrepreneurs in the Greenville area specifically. In its early days the company only connected a network of entrepreneurs and brought them together to share ideas. However, as time went by it was able to expand and offer more resources to entrepreneurs and innovators.

NEXT offers a home where ideas and companies can be groomed. They have physical facilities such as the Next Innovation Center, Next on Main and Next Manufacturing where innovators can get their hands dirty and execute their ideas. These physical facilities are strategically situated in locations that can be easily located. They contain tools, furniture and equipment that are instrumental to the actualization of the innovators ideas.

Next also has a mentorship program that it runs in partnership with MIT. This mentorship ensures that participants receive guidance from experienced entrepreneurs from across the country. It is similar to Next’s entrepreneurial exchange which is a monthly peer networking luncheon.

Next also organizes a venture pitch event where innovators and entrepreneurs can meet with funding opportunities. To enjoy all these benefits, interested persons are expected to apply on the Next website.